"A mighty flame followed a tiny spark"


Our expertise? Hardware and software engineering! We accept every hardware, software or combined challenge. Does it already exist? Then we will go for an upgrade or better-performing version. Still just a dream? Then, rest assured, we will create it. Our knowledge, expertise and specialisation lies in the development of integrated solutions for the healthcare sector. More specifically we provide widely relevant and ingenious models, applications or components that are right on target. We aim for continuous progress, improvement and optimisation of our products and services. So, get in touch and give us a challenge!

Badges of valour

Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is designed to communicate using very little energy. Moreover, the Unmatched engineers have developed their very own method to go even further in lowering energy consumption. Thanks to this special invention, LynX® systems can guarantee an extremely long battery life when using Bluetooth low-energy communication.

Agile R&D

Whether it's thinking up innovative ideas or producing an effective finished product, self-guiding teams are active throughout the process under the supervision of team leaders. They work together using scenarios and scripts. The focus in doing so lies on continuous evaluation and discussion using stand-up meetings & SCRUM, requirement management, etc.

Cloud based

It is possible to set up the LynX® Server, the heart of LynX® Connect, on a virtual system. This means there's no need for heavy investment on the customer's site, and allows the customer to use the model on a pay-as-you-use basis. Another advantage of this is the enormous scalability of LynX® Connect when it comes to the European market and those distributing LynX® products.

Mongo Database

Local periphery has little or no more impact on our new applications. The flow of data from these entities is stored in these databases, which can be scaled horizontally. This concerns hundreds of thousands of units of data per second.

C sharp, C++ en Vue

When it comes to developing user screens, interfaces and the LynX® Server, which manages everything from a central location, Unmatched uses both established programming languages such as C Sharp, C++ as well as the latest technologies, such as JavaScript Vue.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence manages autodiagnosis and prevention across the entire LynX® portfolio. This includes both the LynX® Server and the end user's devices. Thanks to filtering and software interpretation we can make predictions and take preventive measures if necessary.


Certain LynX® embedded products need to be very small and efficient. That's why they are made with CPLDs and programmed in Python. In this way flexibility is retained and products are future-proof. This is mainly Python and CPLD-based.

Network operation centre software

The NOC software manages supervision and diagnostics on all of our systems. Thanks to this software, distributors can offer their customers a product-service combination and give guarantees regarding operational usability and reliability.

Mold development for housings

When developing housings for LynX® products we start by printing our own designs in 3D and testing them. Following thorough evaluation the mold is used for test production. Then the final details are modified, after which the housing goes into definitive production.


As well as the basic reading and interpretation of sensors with set reactions, data is also analysed on the basis of intelligent algorithms in order to generate warnings and alarms.

Embedded Linux

The LynX® embedded products tend to use Linux as an OS. Linux is the world's market leader and is highly stable and flexible.


Certain LynX® embedded products need to be very small and efficient. That's why they are made with CPLDs and programmed in Python. In this way flexibility is retained and products are future-proof.

ANDROID development

Using Android development, the LynX® Client software is designed for e.g. mobile devices with an Android operating system. This software acts e.g. as a Mobile Device Manager with which the required apps are managed centrally.

WiFi client development

VoIP and alarms over Wi-Fi have been our core business since 2008. We transform a standard smartphone into a professional communication device for mission-critical applications.

Continuous integrations

Throughout the development of a LynX® product the code is continuously evaluated, and adapted as necessary. This approach to software development ensures a constant evolution and revolution within our existing platforms.

Home control

Using LynX® Home a home-care environment is created with automated care (domotics) and sensors throughout the home. These sensors learn behavioural patterns and the application issues an alert or alarm in the event of a disruption to ‘normal’ behaviour.

Solution engineering

The development of new LynX® products always begins with a request from the healthcare market. Products are developed in close collaboration with the end user and provide a solution to today's questions and needs.

Product Development

The entire LynX® concept is shaped by our Unmatched specialists. Whether it's the research beforehand or the testing of software, hardware and the ergonomics of housing, every aspect is conducted and monitored internally.


Thanks to prototyping, concept versions of LynX® products are available with which to test ergonomics, durability or other aspects. Like a research model, the prototypes also allow the required feedback from end users.

3-D Printing

The housing of LynX® Home products is first made internally using a 3-D printer. Once this prototype has been thoroughly examined and tested, the blueprint is sent to production and used to make a mold.

Hardware Development

All LynX® hardware is designed and developed by the Unmatched team. Not only does this allow us to produce a unique product, it also means that the integration between hardware and software can be optimally aligned.


During the development of new LynX® products everything is constantly evaluated and tested. Prototypes are subjected to an extensive range of tests. This includes ergonomics, durability as well as the radiation from components.  The hardware therefore meets the strictest CE standards and is certified by external laboratories.

Biomedical approved sensoring

Patients' biometric data is clearly visualised and analysed. Using data, the system can generate a warning or alarm in an intelligent and preventive manner.

Autodiagnose software

The autodiagnosing software observes, monitors and optimises the LynX® concept and its implementation. Using background monitoring this software searches for real-time errors and issues an alarm in the event of abnormalities. These are then sent automatically to the right contacts using a variety of media such as text message, e-mail or telephone.

Nurse call

Nurse call buttons are installed in places where patients and residents are most vulnerable, such as beside the bed and in the bathroom. This means that a nurse in a care institution can be alerted remotely. The button is pressed in the event of an emergency. This signal is sent to the LynX® Server, which then informs the appointed nurses according to a predetermined schedule.

Alarming applications

With over 20 different protocols LynX® Connect provides many different options when it comes to alarm processing whereby every imaginable alarm flow can be configured. New developments and features on the market are closely monitored for immediate implementation.

Building management

Thanks to LynX® Connect an entire building can be equipped with automated care and sensors. These sensors learn behavioural patterns and the application issues an alert or alarm in the event of a disruption to ‘normal’ behaviour.

Voice Applications

Your own SIP client, own SIP stack or integration with third parties? Everything is possible!

Brands & Patents

The entire LynX® concept is developed by our Unmatched specialists. In order to protect our pioneering initiatives and keep our competitive advantage we register and patent our developments.