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How the ageing population offers a number of exceptional opportunities


The world's population is ageing rapidly. Thanks to developments within the healthcare sector, people are living longer than ever. This means that the over 65s represent an ever increasing share of the world's population. Looking at Europe in particular, the prognosis is that, within 25 years, over a quarter of the population will be over 65. By then the number of people over 80 and older in this group will have almost doubled and this will continue increasing.


Social challenge


Care of the elderly is no longer limited to hospitals. Many seniors wish to remain independent and to live at home for as long as they can. This evolution requires considerable adjustment in many domains of public services and facilities, such as transport, accommodation, care homes, care at home, telecommunications, etc.


The challenge lies in thinking beyond traditional healthcare and social care. We must think about how new ideas and technology can be used to improve the way the elderly live.


Scandinavian countries are pioneers when it comes to integrated care for the elderly. The aim is to optimise coordination between care at home, care of the elderly, hospital care and healthcare focused on the specific needs of the elderly. This creates a growing need for supporting technologies that unite carers and seniors. A survey confirmed that methods of communication are a top priority.

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Technological evolution

At Unmatched we are targeting our efforts on this technological evolution. Our range of user-friendly apparatus and applications help the elderly to live independently at home for longer in a cost-effective manner. This allows them to remain in touch with their community. With such access to resources, support and services, the elderly also remain more involved in their own care.


The following products contribute to managing the health and well being of the elderly in their own familiar surroundings.


LynX®Home products


The LynX® Home Service Flat App is an integrated software package on a VoIP telephone with a touch screen and built-in camera. The user-friendly app has been designed with large buttons, photo buttons and fast buttons, making it easier to call a family member, carer and professional carers.


Besides telephony it is also possible to add other applications as desired, such as video calls, videophone communication, instant messaging and a diary. Besides these LynX®-specific functionalities, access to other applications (Skype, Messenger, etc.) is also possible where required. The LynX® Home Service Flat App provides support and, in doing so, maintains elderly people's social involvement.




Besides the social aspect, the LynX® Home Service Flat App is also the central tool in an integrated, individual alarm system. Working with the personal LynX® Home Alarm Modules, a personalised method can be established to ensure that help is always at hand.


LynX® Home Alarm Modules come in different models, ranging from a mounted wall button to a personal button. The personal button can be worn around the wrist or neck, or attached to a belt. Once the button is pressed the alarm device installed in the home picks up the alarm signal. This signal is immediately sent over an internet line to the LynX® Server. This automatically informs the selected carer(s) according to a preprogrammed schedule.


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